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Developer: Arnold Top
2.99 USD

CheckSite is a simple and highly intuitive OS X app created to help anyone keep a close eye on any websites Internet availability.
While using CheckSite, you will be able to customize the interval between website checks.
Additionally, from CheckSites Preferences window, users will also be able to easily hide the apps menu icon and to toggle the sound effects on and off. If you build websites or maintain domains, this is the program for you.
Checksite is inuitive and checks websites, if you wish, in the background.


• check every 5, 10, 30, 60 minutes and/or manually;
• internet availability detection;
• can operate in the background and can be started automatically at computer startup;
• choose popup alerts, logs, notifications via the system notification centre and/or email when sites are down or available again;
• the mainscreen provides the global status of websites;
• the preferences and/or website info can be saved and restored or imported in another computer with Checksite;
• choose if you want a immediately check at startup and/or at wake-up from sleep;
• sort websites automatically or choose your own list;